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Presenting to Financial Analysts *

Course Description

Financial analysts are important arbiters of a company’s perception, seen from the perspective of investors and the media. Their opinions can add or subtract percentage points to a company’s share price – often with immediate effect. Analysts are part of a symbiotic relationship with the financial press as they are third-party information sources to journalists.

This course explores how analysts in different types of financial institutions work, what their objectives and their daily pressures are. The ultimate aim of the course is to establish working relationships with analysts, based on an understanding of their objectives and mutual trust. In the second part, the course describes how analysts like information presented to them, the type of stories they find attractive as well as the questions they like to ask and the “agenda” behind them.

In the exercise part of the course, we will cover the following areas:
  • Conveying your growth story to the analysts
  • Presenting a coherent business strategy
  • How the market perceives your company
  • Explaining the reality behind the financial performance
  • How to break difficult news (profits warning etc.)
  • Persuading analysts of the upside and overcoming negative perceptions
  • Building relationships with analysts
This course can be tailored to individual requirements.

* Disclaimer: Messagelab's investor relations training and presentation materials do not cover the regulatory aspects of investor communications or, more generally, the distribution of information to a recognised investment exchange.