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Facing Investors and Analysts *

Course Description

This course is designed to prepare senior management of small to midcap, listed or private companies (CEO, FD, COO, New Business Development) for dealings with different types of investors (fund managers, venture capitalists etc.) and financial analysts. The course can be tailored to a number of scenarios such as pre-IPO financial roadshows, fundraising for private companies as well as quarterly and annual results. Case studies are an integral part of the course.

The practical part of the course focuses on:
  • Identifying the story analysts and investors want to hear
  • Which information is relevant to which type of investor and why
  • How to package investor information
  • Issues facing your business and your sector
  • Quality of management
  • Achievements to date
  • Presenting finances and ratios
  • Scalable products, distribution and infrastructure
  • Future outlook and market data

* Disclaimer: Messagelab's investor relations training and presentation materials do not cover the regulatory aspects of investor communications or, more generally, the distribution of information to a recognised investment exchange.