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Raising Money for Private Companies *

Course Description

This course is aimed at businesses seeking funding through venture capital or other private investment. It is also suitable for more mature small to midcap companies seeking further private investment. Courses will either address all stages of the funding cycle or can be tailored to a company’s specific requirements. All trainers are highly specialised in both industry issues and different fundraising situations.

The course explores the different types of venture capital and how VC funds operate. What do VCs look for in a business initially and on an ongoing basis? Typical deal structures and various types of financing are discussed, backed up by case studies. The practical part of the course goes through a best-practice presentation to VCs. We aim to invite a VC guest speaker to each session for an in-depth Q+A.

Key areas include:
  • Relevant research data on your business and sector
  • Presenting your products and services
  • The “perfect” elevator pitch
  • Presenting your management team
  • Coherent scalable business models
  • Prove you have a working sales, marketing and distribution function
  • Persuade investors of the return they can make by backing you

* Disclaimer: Messagelab's investor relations training and presentation materials do not cover the regulatory aspects of investor communications or, more generally, the distribution of information to a recognised investment exchange.