message lab


Coaching Concept

To feel confident and in control when dealing with the media is the ultimate objective of any media training session. The two most fundamental points are: what are your key messages and how will you get them across within a limited timeframe?

Our approach to media training differentiates MessageLab from many other training companies. The success of media training lies in its relevance to your company. We tailor the coaching entirely around our clients’ requirements using real-life simulations. As we are able to cover all media formats, we will provide training for the type of media your spokespeople are most likely to encounter and develop bespoke training scenarios. Media training for TV interviews may well be a good idea, but unhelpful if your business is mostly dealing with trade press. Our first task therefore is to find out who your audiences are.

Secondly, we tailor the coaching to your business agenda: is there an important company announcement coming up, such as a product launch or an acquisition, an IPO or a profits warning? Are you planning a round of one-2-one press briefings or will you be holding a press conference? Alternatively, your company might just like to step up its communications with the outside world or aim to establish one of its main spokespeople as an industry spokesperson. Whatever your objective - we will help you to formulate and communicate the right messages to the right audiences in a clear and concise way, substantiated with facts and examples.

MessageLab’s strength lies in the preparation of our trainers: by the time the training session starts, the trainer will be familiar with your business, sector and media objectives and provide in-depth industry knowledge to grill you from an insider’s point-of-view.

All interviews are recorded on camera for feedback purposes and analysed in detail for content, delivery and control of an interview situation. As we don’t provide a “one-size-fits-all” approach, please contact us to discuss a sample agenda relevant to your business.

Course Description

MessageLab provides media training across all formats:

  • Print (national, international, trade, consumer and business press)
  • Broadcast (TV, radio)
  • Electronic media (online print media, Internet TV, newswires)

After an initial assessment of our clients’ individual training requirements, we propose an agenda, write interview scenarios with input from the client and structure the training and feedback.

In addition to tailored interview exercises and personal coaching elements, all our sessions deliver the following key elements:

  • Interview Control techniques
  • Dealing with journalists from different media backgrounds
  • How to get your message across
  • Responding to critical questions and hostility
  • Personal appearance and style
  • Dealing with the media in a crisis (on request)

All participants receive an extensive media training manual, a video tape with their interviews as well as a personalised feedback report post-training, which is normally delivered within 48 hours.