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"Introduction to the Media" Courses

These courses can accommodate larger groups and are aimed at executives new to the field of media and media relations who would like a general introduction to how the press works or a more specific refresher on how certain parts of the media operate, i.e. the financial press, European versus UK journalists or broadcast and online media.

The following courses are currently available and can be combined to suit individual requirements:

  • General Introduction (UK media)
  • General introduction (European media)
  • Introduction to business & financial media
  • Introduction to trade media (industry to be specified)
  • Introduction to broadcast media (radio and television)
  • Introduction to online media

Description General Courses

These introductory courses comprise an introduction to print, broadcast and online media in either the UK and/or Europe. The course gives practical insight into what different types of journalists are looking for and provides several case studies and analysis of both news and feature coverage. In the case of European media, we are able to focus on particular countries, describing the way the press operates and providing insider knowledge on how to sell stories to foreign journalists.

Course Duration

Half days (4 hours) or full days (8 hours)

Introduction to Business & Financial Media

The City of London and the UK financial press continue to set the agenda for Europe’s financial markets. The course covers both print and broadcast media (UK and pan-European) and takes you through the various editorial layers of this particular part of the news industry, often enlisting active journalists as guest speakers.

Introduction to Trade Media

This course is available on request and provides sector-specific knowledge. We provide an overview and analysis of the trade media covering a specific industry, highlighting specifics and details on leading journalists in the sector. We aim to invite a trade journalist as a guest speaker.

Introduction to Broadcast Media

Radio and Television are important news media, but not many people know how to handle them and to use them to their advantage. As their structure, deadlines and requirements are much different from the print press, it helps to start with the basics. Regional radio and TV deserve as much attention as the national stations and can be extremely helpful to disseminate a story quickly. However, they can also just as quickly ruin a company’s or a person’s reputation. So, rather than waiting for “Watchdog” to put your company on the spot, learn how to proactively sell stories to broadcasters and to make broadcast a regular part of your PR mix.

Introduction to Online Media

The internet has changed the pace of journalism for good. Ever since the “Monica Lewinsky affair” broke, the internet has played a major part in news dissemination. Journalists work under even more deadline pressure, stories go unchecked in the battle for breaking news and mediocre hacks have become internet “journalists”. However, on the other side of the coin, most respectable newspapers, magazines and broadcasters now have online editions, published, written and edited independently, creating an audience in their own right. This course will familiarise you with the current trends in online journalism and its particular pressures.