message lab


Message Development

Course Description

Key messages are an essential ingredient for successful media training and are ideally in place before the training commences. MessageLab offers individual workshops to help develop or modify existing corporate messages to the media, as well as event- or product-related ones. The messaging process can either be incorporated into the media training programme or planned as a separate session. We then work with our clients on turning these messages into personal “sound bites” the media will understand and use. As each session is set up individually, the first step is an assessment of the client’s existing messages and messaging needs.

Course Materials

MessageLab provides a summary of the results of each messaging workshop in a message booklet provided after the session to the client. Many clients have found this an invaluable document to build on over time.

Course Duration

Message Development workshops are available as half days or full days (4/8hours) and can be spread out over time to ensure the messages can be tested with various internal and external audiences.